Saturday, July 16, 2005

PopplerKit & Fontconfig

Upcoming changes in the poppler library forced me to spend some effort on integrating PopplerKit with fontconfig. Until now, PopplerKit comes with it's own fonts and bypasses fontconfig using the "old" font mechanism from xpdf. The poppler library is currently changed to use ONLY fontconfig. I now figured out how to integrate fontconfig. On OSX, PopplerKit will setup it's own fontconfig configuration with the default OSX font locations (/Library/Fonts,...). On GNUstep, PopplerKit will use the system wide fontconfig library and it's configuration. In both cases, some default PDF fonts that are bundled with PopplerKit will be added to fontconfig's configuration such that at least the minimum set of required fonts is available everywhere. GNUstep users will benefit most from proper fontconfig integration since PopplerKit (and thus the Vindaloo PDF reader) can make use of the system wide fonts. As a side effect, the way PopplerKit "handles" fonts is not much better. The changes are currently in an experimental branch. I need to do some more testing before I move them into the main trunk.


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